iPhone repair services

Dubai IPHONE Repair service at your Doorstep!

Hello, have you ever wondered, “Is there an iPhone Repair Service in Dubai? Or, what’s the best place to repair an iPhone in Dubai that can fix my iPhone at my doorstep and provide on-site repair at my convenience?” The answer is unquestionably yes today. The first mobile service center powered by solar power is a feature of CellCore. We refer to it as “CellCore,” and we can quickly fix your iPhone wherever in Dubai. Since we only utilize the best parts, we provide warranties of up to two years. Our CellCore have all undergone thorough training and screening. We take great pride in offering the greatest quality and work hard to deliver the best customer service.

We’ve found a number of typical iPhone issues, some of which are as follows:

iPhone Screen Replacement or Repair

The most prevalent kind of issue is a cracked screen on an iPhone. We offer on-site iPhone screen repairs. Every fix is completed in ours. No matter where you are, we can replace the glass or display on your iPhone. To get assistance as soon is possible, simply give Cellcore a call at 056 386 1293 or over WhatsApp at (+971 56 386 1293)! As screens have a two-year warranty, you won’t have to worry about paying for iPhone screen repairs for the following two years! You may quickly find us by typing in ” iPhone Repair Service in Dubai.” Cellcore offers iPhone screen repair prices whether you’re searching for an inexpensive iPhone screen repair, original iPhone screen repair price in Dubai, or iPhone repair Dubai mall.

iPhone Battery Change

This is again another typical iPhone issue. Is the battery on your iPhone dead? Do you have problems with the iPhone battery? Is the battery on your iPhone overheating? or is the iPhone not turning on or powering on? Might be a problem with charging? It makes no difference—we have the newest technology to fix your iPhone. Any iPhone battery replacement in Dubai can be completed on-site, or you can visit our Apple service center, which is situated in Business Bay in the core of Dubai. Cellcore offers iPhone battery replacements at incredibly low costs!

iPhone Camera Replacement and Repair

Everyone enjoys taking pictures. It is therefore really frustrating when your iPhone camera stops working. Whether you require an iPhone lens repair or your iPhone camera has a break. No matter where you are, we can come to you and fix your iPhone camera.

iPhone Back Glass Replacement or Change

A fractured iPhone rear glass or cover is a complicated and frequent problem, particularly with the more recent models. Anywhere in Dubai, we can set up a new back glass replacement and replace the back cover of your iPhone. This is usually a deep level repair that takes four to six hours of professional labor. In addition, we can pick up your device, fix it, and deliver it back to you via Cellcore wherever you are in Dubai if you are unable to visit our Apple service center. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we offer the best Apple support service for any iPhone back glass or iPhone rear camera glass replacement.

iPhone Touch not functioning

Is there an issue with your iPhone touch? Your iPhone is unresponsive when you repeatedly tapping the screen. To assist you with this issue, Cellcore specialists are qualified and outfitted with the newest technology. Reach out to us and allow us to assist you at your home or at our Business Bay service facility. For any iPhone repair in Dubai, Cellcore is always available, particularly if your iPhone touch isn’t working.

iPhone Software Problems

Your gadget appears to be in good condition. The software is backing up, though. Do you need assistance recovering data from your iPhone or iCloud? You’ve arrived at the ideal location. We have assisted hundreds of clients with software issues on their iPhones. Simply give 056 386 1293 a call from anywhere in Dubai to get your iPhone fixed. You may stop being puzzled and searching for “where to repair iphone in Dubai” or “apple iphone service center near me” in your browser! Our goal is to solve all of your issues.

Don’t let iPhone problems disrupt your daily life. Contact our iPhone Repair Service today to schedule a repair or receive a free consultation. Trust us to bring your iPhone back to its optimal performance!